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There are many local Forex bureaus in Kampala, some of them open 24 hours. Please check with the respective local Embassy for details and other requirements. Letters of invitation will be issued to participants upon request for the processing of travel documents. Claudio Arezzo, Paolo Creminelli. Rosanna Sain. Arizona State University asu. Univeristy of Trieste, Physics Dept, Prof. European Research Council erc. Teresa K. Clement Onime. Alice M. Fred Kucharski. Joe Niemela,. Mehrdad Mirbabayi.

Bufetov Marseille and Steklov Institute , T. Stefano Luzzatto. Contact us: Michael I. Lothar Goettsche. SISSA sissa. Erika Coppola. Goswami Gauhati University, India , H. Kalita Gauhati University, India , D. Saikia Gauhati University, India , K. Sarma Gauhati University, India , U. Crespo, A. Gauhati University, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Luciano Bertocchi. Stefano Di Talia Duke U. Toggle navigation Menu. MATH Mathematics. AP Applied Physics. Marie Curie Library. Media Centre. Home Scientific Calendar. Scientific Calendar. Activities by year Search Filter by keyword. Filter by research sector.

Filter by date. Interested in attending an activity? Complete an online application form: Events in the calendar that have an "smr" number require an application. Click on the activity and complete the online application form. Want to propose a conference, school or workshop? See our guidelines. External organizations can pay for and organize their own high-level scientific and cultural events at ICTP. Travel fellowships for ICTP conferences and workshops are available.

Download a pdf of the Scientific Calendar. Sync your calendar Download records:. Calendar file. After a brief introduction to the synthetic notions of Ricci curvature lower bounds in terms of optimal transportation, due to Lott-Sturm-Villani, I will discuss some applications to smooth Riemannian manifolds joint work with Fabio Cavalletti, SISSA. These include: Mathematics Some smooth applications of non-smooth Ricci curvature lower bounds Room: This year, the Workshop is about recent progress in electronic structure methods and their applications.

The aim is a critical discussion of methods and of possible combinations and challenging applications. It has become one of the most popular regular events of the international ab-initio electronic structure community. This event also has the ambition to reach out to countries where the electronic structure community is not traditionally as strong as in Europe, the USA and Japan, in coherence with the missions of its traditional host institution, the ICTP.

Scientific Advisory Committee: Baldereschi, University of Trieste, Italy R. Gonze, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium E. Kresse, University of Vienna, Austria J. Cocchi, Humboldt University, Berlin G. Csanyi, University of Cambridge R. Eder, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology J. Kunes, TU Wien N. Miranda, University of Sao Paulo B. Monserrat, University of Cambridge S. Pavarini, Forschungszentrum Juelich C. Quek, National University of Singapore A. Vanderbilt, Rutgers University C. Total Energy and Force Methods smr Address: Doreen Sauleek Organizer s: Ali Hassanali Cosponsor s: Total Energy and Force Methods smr The Prize recognizes their independent contributions to the theoretical advancement of condensed matter physics of modern solid-state materials, including low dimensional and nanoscale systems.

Foà Torres will give a talk on "Using light as a topological switch" and Hongjun Xiang will give a talk on "Theoretical studies on new mechanisms of ferroelectricity and multiferroicity". Abstracts for the talks are available in the detailed programme at: The ICTP Prize is given in honour of Kun Huang , the renowned theoretical physicist who is a father of condensed matter and semiconductor physics in China.

Full details are in the Programme for the Ceremony. The Ceremony will be livestreamed from the ICTP website and refreshments will be served after the events. All are most welcome to attend. Related feature article available at: Strada Costiera, 11 Trieste Room: In this talk we will prove that some abelian surfaces are modular, in the sense that there is a paramodular form whose L-series matches that of the abelian surface. During the talk we will recall the relation between automorphic representations and algebraic varieties with special emphasis in the case of abelian surfaces , and will describe in detail the Faltings-Serre method and its relation with deformation theory.

The talk will be self contained, and only some knowledge on Galois theory will be assumed. Mathematics On the paramodularity of typical abelian surfaces Room: The Workshop focuses on recent developments in the prediction of crystal structures by computational methods. Thanks to enormous progresses in computational power and in algorithm development, we are now closer to the possibility to predict the structure of a material from the simple knowledge of its composition. This Workshop will be dedicated to presenting and discussing the algorithms for in-silico crystal structure prediction that were developed in the last years, focusing in particular on the approaches based on molecular modeling.

We find particularly appropriate holding this conference in , the International Year of the Periodic Table, since crystal structure prediction is rooted in a deep knowledge of the properties of the atoms. The Workshop will be divided into two parts: A Poster Session will also be organized, and interested candidates are invited to upload a short abstract of their proposed posters during the application process max. Poster presentation is not mandatory, however participants are encouraged to present their results. Nicoletta Ivanissevich Organizer s: Sandro Scandolo Cosponsor s: Mathematics Kahler Meeting: Notions of stability for cscK metrics Room: We review an efficient algorithm to optimally control many-body quantum dynamics and apply it to quantum annealing, going beyond the adiabatic strategy.

We present an information theoretical analysis of quantum optimal control processes and its implications. We review some recent advancements we have obtained in tensor network algorithms that enable such investigations and that can be exploited to support the development of quantum technologies via classical numerical simulations: Finally, we report some theoretical and experimental applications of these approaches to relevant scenarios, such as Rydberg atoms in optical lattices and the gauge theory resulting from the mapping of classical hard problems to short-range quantum Hamiltonians.

In this talk I will address a coupled bulk-surface reaction-diffusion system set in a moving domain, which is a model for the process of chemo-taxis in cells. I will explain how to derive the problem and the mathematical formulation we used in order to prove existence and regularity results. An outline of such proofs will be presented, focusing on the key steps and avoiding technical details.

This is a joint work with A. Alphonse and C. Mathematics A coupled bulk-surface reaction-diffusion system Room: He was born on May 1st His PhD research between and was under the supervision of Kathleen Lonsdale at University College London, working on the crystallography of organic mixed crystals. In , he was a Fellow at Harvard University, and then from to he was at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge. Mike Glazer's research has mainly been in understanding the relationship between physical properties of crystals and their structures.

He is perhaps best known for his classification system for tilted octahedra in perovskites. He is also one of the co-founders of Oxford Cryosystems Ltd, which supplies the world market in low-temperature apparatus for crystallographers. The field of Crystallography is one of the oldest of scientific disciplines, and yet it continues to make important advances today and into the future.

In this talk, I will trace the history of some important ideas that have led to some basic understanding of the structures of crystals before experimental techniques evolved to enable these theories to be tested. In the 20th century, the discovery of X-ray diffraction by crystals has led to the formation of a whole new discipline, namely X-ray Crystallography. This discovery has since then expanded to include neutron and electron scattering and has increased our knowledge of materials and biological systems.

As a result, many Nobel Prizes have been awarded for work relying on crystallographic studies. Over the last years many new experimental techniques have arisen, including the use of synchrotron radiation, free electron lasers and very recently major advances in the use of electron microscopes. Then, Now, and …..?

Strada Costiera 11 Trieste, Italy Room: The category of Soergel bimodules plays an essential role in higher representation theory and for the construction of homological invariants in knot theory. While Soergel category counts a generating bimodule per simple reflection, this generalization is obtained by taking one generator per reflection. I will give a complete description of this category through a classification of its indecomposable objects and study its split Grothendieck ring.

This is joint work with Thomas Gobet. Mathematics On some generalizations of the category of Soergel bimodules Room: The number of theoretical physicists and applied mathematicians migrating into biology has dramatically increased throughout the world, but South America still lags behind. The school is intended for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in the physical and biological sciences. Candidates may apply either for one or both schools, and preference will be given to PhD students in South America.

There is no registration fee and limited funds are available for travel and local expenses. Lecturers and courses: Population genetics and evolution — Luca Peliti SMRI, Italy Understanding how genetic information is transmitted across generations is at the basis of evolutionary theory. This course will review the mechanisms of reproduction, selection, mutation and drift and will be the backbone for the more specific courses below. Overview of theory and recent experiments. Using samples from mice it has been possible to track the evolution of the immune system from embryo to adult, revealing surprising differences between species.

These lectures will provide an overview of the nonlinear dynamics of viruses and their microbial hosts, including theory, models, and evidence for the joint influence of population and evolutionary dynamics. Erica Sarnataro Organizer s: Matteo Marsili Cosponsor s: This will allow collecting data from dozens, or even hundreds of low-cost, low-power scientific instruments.

While the IoT array will have inferior measurement accuracy due to the low-cost nature of the sensors, the high spatial density of the array is unique and will prove invaluable for research and operational applications. This workshop is intended to share good practices on how IoT nodes can be rapidly prototyped to carry out scientific measurements.

Following a seven days hands-on technical workshop, participants will focus for two days on the requirements to develop three applications: A basic knowledge of the Python language will be highly appreciated. A limited number of grants are available to support the attendance of selected participants, with priority given to participants from developing countries. There is no registration fee. Petra Krizmancic Organizer s: Marco Zennaro Cosponsor s: In this talk, we will present recent results for the localization properties of correlation functions of these long-range quantum models in the presence of disorder.

The latter is usually associated with exponential localization of wave functions and correlations. We demonstrate that in most situations in 1D power-law interactions imply algebraic decay of correlations. We will discuss the generality of these results and their application to experiments in atomic and molecular physics. Algebraic localization of disordered long-range quantum models Speaker s: The families of motives of the title arise from classical one-variable hypergeometric functions. This talk will focus on the calculation of their Hodge numbers.

I will describe an alternative proof of a conjectural formula for them from that of Fedorov. The proof is based on viewing the hypergeometric motive as the pure part of the cohomology of a hypersurface in a toric variety. The key fact is a description of the combinatorics of an associated polytope. Mathematics Hypergeometric Motives Room: The simplest and most famous L-function is the Riemann Zeta function. L-functions are ubiquitous in number theory, and have applications to mathematical physics and cryptography. They arise from and encode information about a number of mathematical objects, and also provide links between them: At least a dozen different mathematical objects are connected in various ways to L-functions.

The study of those objects is highly specialized, and most mathematicians have only a vague idea of the objects outside their specialty and how everything is related. Its mission is to chart the landscape of L-functions and modular forms in a systematic and concrete fashion. This involves developing their theory, creating and improving algorithms for computing and classifying them, and hence discovering new properties of these functions, and testing fundamental conjectures. In the lecture I will explain and demonstrate how we organise our large collection of data and display it, together with the interrelations between linked objects, through our website [www.

I will also show how this has been built via a world-wide collaborative open source project which we hope to be a model for others. Mathematics The L-functions and modular forms database project Room: The PDF carries very detailed information about the system, going much beyond the simple average. Here I exploit the Matrix Product Operator MPO representation of the Generating Functions to efficiently perform local measurements in one-dimensional spin systems using Tensor Network Methods, both in and out-of-equilibrium.

Seminar Start Time: I wish to generalise this construction to hypersurfaces in weighted projective space or more generally orbifold toric varieties. The automorphism group of a toric variety is in general non-reductive and I will use new results in non-reductive GIT, developed by F. Kirwan et al. I will give geometric characterisations of notions of stability arising from non-reductive GIT.

Mathematics Moduli of hypersurfaces in weighted projective space Room: This part of the world is subjected to unstable political circumstances which affects its economy and the living style of the people. Lack of electricity and unavailability of drinking water, raises the height of the challenge barrier that a normal scientist has to overcome. In addition, a brief introduction about different research topics that she tackled under the above-mentioned circumstances will be presented. El-Khozondar was born in Gaza, Palestine.

She got her B. She earned her Ph. She joined the physics faculty at BirZeit University in She is now a full professor at the electrical engineering EE department in Islamic University of Gaza. She has high leadership and administrative skills demonstrated by her work in initiating and developing the quality assurance unit and the external relations at IUG and being a committee member for several scholarships and prizes.

She advises several students. She participated in several conferences and workshops. Her research includes studying solar systems, optical fibers, wireless communication, optical fiber sensors, MTMs devices, and polycrystalline materials. She has over publications. You are all most welcome to attend this special seminar. Light refreshments will be served after the talk. Nevertheless, its calculation remains an open problem in strongly correlated systems. We demonstrate the identical suppression of the Hall response in quasi two-dimensional ballistic lattices, which is robust to large variations of magnetic field, Fermi level, temperature, disorder and absence of particle-hole symmetry.

This suppression is unexpected and we show its relation to the topological properties of the Fermi surface: We show that this suppression is commonly achieved in standard Landauer quantum transport settings and we rely on DMRG to show that our results equally apply to strongly interacting regimes [1]. Examples of extremal metrics Room: He has proposed a relationship between quantum gravity and quantum field theories that elucidates various aspects of both theories.

He is studying this relationship further in order to understand the deep connection between black holes and quantum field theories, and he is also exploring the connection between string theory and cosmology. The tentative schedule for the lecture series is as follows: Monday 28 January at Black holes are fascinating objects which pose interesting puzzles for quantum physics. Studying these puzzles we are led to quantum mechanical models that describe special black holes as seen from the outside. Extrapolating from these descriptions we are lead to the idea that entanglement can create geometric connections or wormholes. Moreover, quantum teleportation can be interpreted as travelling through the wormhole.

Tuesday 29 January at We will review the Sachdev Ye Kitaev model and describe how it shares some features with nearly extremal black holes. We also describe the dynamics of nearly extremal black holes. We will go over different physical phenomena, including chaos, quantum teleportation, etc, and their common manifestation in these two systems. Wednesday 30 January at This will be a more technical talk based on lecture 2 above.

Light refreshments will be served after the talks. For more information see: Salam Distinguished Lectures Juan Maldacena Lecture one: Quantum mechanics and the geometry of spacetime Address: This unusual states of matter combine the topological features of quantum Hall states with orientational symmetry breaking characteristic of nematic order. Recent scanning tunneling microscopy measurements have directly visualized the spontaneous formation of boundary modes between distinct nematic domains and investigated their electronic structure [1].

I will explore implications of these ideas for the global phase diagram of quantum Hall valley nematics [3]. Randeria, K. Agarwal, B. Feldman, H. Ding , Huiwen Ji3 , R. Cava , S. Sondhi , S. Parameswaran, A. Yazdani, under review 2. Agarwal, M. Randeria, A. Yazdani, S. Sondhi, S. Parameswaran, arXiv: Parameswaran and B. Feldman, arXiv: Let p be a prime number. Due to classical work of Shimura and Deligne, to any "newform" a modular form that is an eigenfunction for the Hecke operators and assumed of level one in the talk one attaches a p-adic Galois representation.

Since there are infinitely many newforms, there are infinitely many attached p-adic Galois representations. However, if one reduces them modulo p, there are only finitely many up to isomorphism. It is tempting to ask what happens "in between", i. In the talk, I will motivate and explain a conjecture made with Ian Kiming and Nadim Rustom and explain partial results, including a relation to a strong question by Kevin Buzzard. The talk is based on joint work with Ian Kiming and Nadim Rustom. Mathematics Finiteness questions for Galois representations Room: Quantum mechanics and the geometry of spacetime. Toy models for black holes.

Toy models for black holes part two. Juan Maldacena Lecture two: Toy models for black holes Address: Juan Maldacena Lecture 3: Toy models for black holes part two Address: Moltiplicate per un paio di ore di gioco no stop, da ripetere quasi tutti i giorni, e la cifra finale sarà drammaticamente alta. A raccontare la propria storia è un polesano con problemi di dipendenza da gioco.

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Scontate le responsabilità della logistica al riguardo, come ha ben sottolineato Massimo Marciani, logis, realtà multinazionale del presidente del Freight Leaders Council FLC , realtà che si è assunta il non facile compito di portare settore immobiliare logistico, ha Il polo di Vimar - La Vimar Ma- a sintesi le diverse istanze che popolano la logistica. Yusen Logistics, primo cui 22mila dedicati al magazzino. Un nuovo mar la cerimonia di assegnazione contratto di locazione per Oltre i 10 miliardi - Secondo uno messi a disposizione: World Capital RE: Borgi ha sottolineato come negli ultimi anni, a fronte il nostro naturale perimetro di riferimento.

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La strategia prevede a quel punto che ci si sganci dal gioco. A meno di essere colti da complottismo sfrenato, il logo ADM dimostra che stiamo prendendo parte a un gioco regolare, con uguali possibilità di vittoria per tutti. Come si dice in gergo: Aleatorietà ed RNG: Infine il gioco online fornisce una serie di opzioni che facilitano un approccio con il gioco meno ossessivo e più professionale. Bisogna quindi far di conto, capire se si è in attivo o in passivo con una certa semplicità e, soprattutto, non bisogna mai sforare. Insomma il sistema di sicurezza del gioco online è sicuramente più articolato, ci sono più dati su cui fare affidamento e i giochi pagano di più.

Ventiquattro ore senza telefono. Asia e Irene hanno ripulito l'argine! Il canto del videopoeta. Frazione distrutta dai tir.

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