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It is open every day from 4 p. In the first 2 months it has already recorded 2. There, in fact, winters are mild and dry and thus locals are enticed to spend more time outdoors instead of looking for fun at indoor malls and this draws millions of tourists who want to forget the cold at home without suffering the typical high temperatures of the region. Offering outdoor fun in the UAE for many winters now is Dubai Global Village, the massive annual multicultural shopping and entertainment festival, which this year began on 1 November and will conclude on 8 April.

Considering that between summer and autumn various major new leisure facilities opened in Dubai, with great expectations and huge international media attention — 2 above all, IMG Worlds of Adventure located just a short distance from the Dubai Global Village site , and Dubai Parks and Resorts, the 6 billion dollar multi-park complex that includes 3 theme parks Bollywood Parks Dubai, Motiongate Dubai, and Legoland Dubai, the latter with a water park opened a few weeks ago plus a hotel and a shopping and dining area — this year the challenge for Global Village is certainly high.

Nei primi due mesi ha già raccolto 2,3 milioni di visitatori. The Village includes 30 pavilions dedicated to 75 different countries of the world, each of which exhibits its culture, cuisine and handicrafts. Attendance at the Global Village in the first 2 months of opening was 2. Il Village ospita 30 padiglioni dedicati a 75 diverse nazioni del mondo, ciascuna delle quali si mostra nella sua cultura, cucina e artigianato. It is therefore very encouraging that, as was announced a few days ago, in the first 2 months the 21st event has already welcomed 2. Hussain said.

In fact, the experience for those who have the chance to visit the Global Village is truly wide-ranging and international. The centrepieces are 30 pavilions housing more than 75 nations — the new entries this season are Algeria; Japan, South Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines grouped in the Far East pavilion; Romania, Serbia and the Ukraine in the Eastern Europe pavilion — each of which showcasing their own culture also in the form of free shows , craftsmanship and cuisine, thus creating exciting opportunities for shopping and dining.

The funfair at the Global Village: Il luna park del Global Village: Along with culture, shopping and dining, another key element of the Global Village experience is entertainment. Advertise your business with pictures, descriptions, and video clips immediately available in the APP. Live shows are a key element in the success of the Global Village. More than 40 a day, both produced in-house and externally, with entry already included in the Global Village admission fee of around 4 euros.

Gli spettacoli dal vivo sono un ingrediente fondamentale del successo del Global Village. Also very popular are the concerts by national and international pop stars, and live shows, with a schedule of 40 shows a day totalling 12, performances between November and April. Ma non mancano anche le produzioni dello stesso Global Village. There are also in-house productions by Global Village. The setting is a city where a museum theft is underway, setting the scene for a copsand-robbers chase worthy of the best Hollywood movies, with more than 30 stuntmen in action.

The Global Village, with its restaurants and street food stalls, is well known and well-loved for being a place to delight in foods from around the world. Moreover, the shopping opportunities there are infinite and for all budgets. Il Global Village, con i suoi ristoranti e chioschi di street food, è rinomato e amato anche per essere il luogo in cui deliziarsi con cibi da tutto il mondo. Infinite e per tutte le tasche sono inoltre le occasioni di shopping. Succede di tutto, ma abbondano soprattutto le acrobazie in moto, auto, buggy, zipline, per non parlare di effetti speciali, salti nel vuoto, esplosioni e fiamme. Chicken Land, Tver, Russia 2.

Druzhba Cec, Makhachkala, Russia 3. Kidburg, Voronezh, Russia 5. Bolid Company, Russia 3. Carrousel Company, Russia 4. Game City Group, Russia, 5. Italpark, Russia 6. KCC Entertainment, Belgium 7. Pax Company, Russia 8. Theme Builders, Russia The difficult present economic situation in this region has spurred operators in the leisure industry to work hard in order to meet the new demands of customers in times of crisis, predict changes in taste and strive to provide their facilities with a mix of attractions able to attract people and make them come back and back again.

Thanks to this effort the leisure sector, compared to other business sectors in Russia, has not lost its liveliness. In this context, therefore, it is quite difficult for us to assign the awards because we know that in most cases even those who have not had great results have worked hard, even if only to tread water.

Should we re-consider for example the list of parks and entertainment centers in the CIS countries that have been awarded in the previous 6 editions of the Golden Pony Awards-Moscow — and they are more than 70 — they all have maintained a high level of entertainment offer and services so that we would be really glad to honour them again. This is a proof, first, that the recognition given was always deserved and, second, that the award of the pony statuette has also played its role to stimulate those who receive it to always focus on development, and to keep setting new objectives and then reach them. Almetyevsk Park, Russia 2. Amusement Park, Kemerovo, Russia 3.

Belinsky Park, Penza, Russia 4. City Parks of Saransk, Russia 5. Gorky Park Krasnodar, Russia 6. Gorodskoy Sad Tomsk, Russia 7. Izmailovsky Park, Moscow, Russia 8. Municipal Parks Neberezhnye Chelny, Russia 9. Municipal parks of Sochi, Russia Poteshny Dvor, Arkhangelsk, Russia Skazka kiddie park, Lipetsk, Russia Sokolniki Park, Moscow, Russia Surgut Municipal autonomous park, Surgut, Russia Tula Parks, Tula, Russia Yaroslav Park of Culture, Russia Cosmik chain, Moscow, Russia 3. Dino Park, St Petersburg, Russia 4. Fantastic Park, Almaty, Kazakhstan 5. Fantasy Park, Moscow, Russia 6.

Funky Town Uralsk, Kazakhstan 8. Maza Park, Saint-Petersburg, Russia 9. Mir Razvlecheniy, Khabarovsk, Russia Viking Land, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan Grazie anche a questo sforzo, il leisure, rispetto ad altri settori in Russia, non ha perso la sua vivacità. Segno che il riconoscimento dato è stato sempre meritato, e che il premio della statuetta del pony ha assolto anche alla sua funzione di stimolare chi lo riceve a dare sempre il meglio di sè, a continuare a crescere, a porsi sempre nuovi e più ambiziosi obiettivi e a raggiungerli. Amusement Park Gelendzhik, Russia 2.

Attraction-Café 3 Medvedya, Samara, Russia 3. AV Park, Mytishi, Russia 4. Gorky Central Park, Perm, Russia 5. Mir Attrakcionov Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan 6. Na Semyionovskom Ozere, Murmansk, Russia 7. Park Tyumen, Russia 8. Riviera Park, Sochi, Russia 9. Russia Exhibition of Attractions, Moscow, Russia Stolichni Park, Dushanbe, Tajikistan Focus Mokus, Tbilisi, Georgia 2. Funtura, Donetsk, Ukraine 3. Happylon Center, Fjlion Moscow, Russia 4. Happylon Vegas, Moscow, Russia 5.

Mega Complex Grinn, Belgorod, Russia 6. Megafun, Baku, Azerbaijan 7. Planeta Razvlecheniy, Voronezh, Russia 8. Star Play, Astana, Kazakhstan Aleksander Samedov, Russia 2. Boris Rabinovich, Russia 3. Gerry Robinson, United Kingdom 4. Central Park Kharkov, Ukraine 2. Divo Ostrov, St Petersburg, Russia 3. Sochi Park, Sochi, Russia 4. Treasure Island, Krasnoyarsk, Russia Amusement Complex Lebyazhy, Minsk, Belarus 2.

Golden Bay, Gelendzhik, Russia 3. H20 Aquapark Rostov-on-Don, Russia 4. Hawaii Aqua Park, Almaty, Kazakhstan 5. Kazanskaya Riviera Ent. Complex, Kazan, Russia Submit your candidacy or some other candidate Contact us via email luisa factoedizioni. We'll contact you soon. Your company will be featured in all the communication pages referring to the event for the whole year and in the gala evening posters and videos presented to a large public of park operators. For more info contact us via email: Esperienze di questo tipo, ben poco felici, le hanno con i Comuni italiani anche molti operatori dello spettacolo viaggiante quando si tratta di assegnazione delle aree da adibire a luna park, dal momento che ormai sempre più frequentemente la tendenza è quella di decentrare le attrazioni, relegandole in quartieri ai margini delle città, magari anche malserviti dai mezzi pubblici, con conseguenti complicazioni per gli operatori.

Emblematico è il caso del Parco Sempione che sta montando proprio in questi giorni. Comune nella speranza di far valere le loro ragioni. K La lettera che le associazioni di categoria degli operatori dello spettacolo viaggiante hanno inviato agli amministratori di Milano. Ferris wheels are enjoying great interest in recent years, but what has been the evolution and innovation of transportable Ferris wheels in the last quarter of a century? Introduction he Ferris wheel is one of the first man-made attractions and is still one of the foundations of our industry. The first attractions of this type were depicted in Arab and Indian drawings dating back more than a thousand years.

These early models were obviously small in size and were pushed by hand. Some recent videos available on YouTube show recent constructions, yet they are almost identical to those early wheels. It is however George Ferris from Pittsburgh who has been attributed with the modern success of this attraction. Back in , for the Universal Exposition in Chicago, he in fact constructed the first large Ferris wheel, a giant measuring over 76m in diametre, with 36 cabins, each one carrying up to 60 passengers. It was a huge success, so much so that in the following years other large Ferris wheels were built in Paris and Vienna.

Interest in this attraction has grown greatly in recent years, to the point where they have often become icons at events in major cities or a reference point for tourist areas. To summarise the situation today, we first need to go back over what has happened in the last 25 years. Manufacturers thus found 2 solutions to make these attractions. Le prime attrazioni di questo tipo erano già raffigurate in disegni arabi ed indiani datati oltre mille anni fa. Questi primi modelli erano ovviamente di piccole dimensioni e venivano spinti a mano.

Alcuni video-clip recenti, disponibili su YouTube, mostrano costruzioni recenti, ma quasi identiche a queste prime ruote. Il successo fu enorme, tanto che negli anni a seguire furono costruite altre ruote panoramiche di grandi dimensioni a Parigi e a Vienna. Per fare il punto della situazione oggi dobbiamo prima ripercorrere quanto è successo negli ultimi 25 anni. The first Ferris wheel in history: The wheel had a diameter of more than 76m, and was fitted with 36 cabins each seating 60, and 3, lamps. One ride lasted 9 minutes, at a the cost of 50 cents. To say it was a success in an understatement: La prima ruota panoramica della storia: George Ferris, da cui ha poi anche preso il nome in inglese questo genere di attrazione.

La ruota aveva un diametro di oltre 76m, e montava 36 cabine da 60 posti e 3. Un giro durava 9 minuti, al costo di 50 centesimi di dollaro. Dire che fu un successo è dir poco: Biancardi a company from Bergantino, Italy was making small Ferris wheels, in the semi-trailer version, with a maximum height between 16 and 18 metres. FAR Fabbri also from Bergantino , had just built its first Ferris wheel, in the semi-trailer version, with a height of 20m this was in and started to make 2 new larger models, Ruota Panoramica 25 and Giant Wheel 34 , both in the semi-trailer version.

The latter was sent to California in and was a hit, indeed Chance a US company copied the style based on 3 semi-trailers, developing one of their models with a height of 28m, also installed on semi-trailers, called Century. Other important players in the construction of Ferris wheels were SDC and Spaggiari and Barbieri Reggio Emilia, Italy , which even before the 90s had made Ferris wheels with heights up to 18m, also on semi-trailers.

In the Netherlands, on the other hand, 2 major manufacturers were operating in those years, Nauta Bussink and Mondial. There was strong competition between the 2 to conquer the German market. Both began making metre model Ferris wheels, and later metre models and finally 44 metres. The German market was an important one: At a certain stage the 2 manufacturers found their niche, with Nauta Bussink specialising in transportable Ferris wheels on a base while Mondial specialised in trailer-mounted models. Gerstlaurer Germany , deriving from a branch of the historic and important manufacturer Anton Schwarzkopf, made a few wheels, many of which transportable with base.

The last to be made by this manufacturer, 60m high, is still operating at Nigloland park France and has been moved just a couple of times to the Christmas market in Metz France. I costruttori hanno quindi trovato due soluzioni per rendere mobili queste attrazioni: In Olanda, invece, erano attivi in quegli anni due costruttori importanti, Nauta Bussink e Mondial.

Tra questi due ci fu una grande competizione per conquistare il mercato tedesco. Entrambi iniziarono a produrre modelli di ruota panoramica di 33 metri, per poi passare a modelli di 38 metri ed arrivare infine a quelli alti 44 metri. Il mercato tedesco era molto importante: Early s The true international boom in Ferris wheels began in The city of London sponsored the construction of a large wheel located on the Thames, with a height of m Millennium Wheel, a name that has since changed to become The London Eye , with inauguration planned to celebrate the new millennium.

The city of Paris took up the challenge and organised an event focused on Ferris wheels. Paris brought together all the existing Ferris wheels in Europe and installed them on its main avenue the Champs Elysees. It was a great event that changed the history of transportable Ferris wheels. For the event Nauta Bussink built a special Ferris wheel, 60m high and mounted on a pedestal. The attraction had 42 themed cabins with a maximum capacity of people.

It was called La Grande Roue de Paris in memory of the first huge wheel built about a century earlier. This attraction that had been installed in the center of such an important capital was a very strong attraction for operators around the world. This attraction featured 2 particular innovations. The first was the cabin: The second innovative feature involved the rotary structure: This new combination represented by the cabins and the lower number of arms brought a change in style that still has repercussions today.

This attraction recently operated in Rimini Italy over a few summer seasons and is today owned by the Freij Group. A few years later Mondial also built a new Ferris wheel, 50m high, in the semi-trailer version. Until then it had always been difficult to achieve great heights for attractions mounted on semi-trailers; as the height increased, in fact, so did the length and the weight of the semi-trailers making up the base.

There were some fine-tuning problems, but in the end this wheel, which itself incorporated the style innovations introduced by Nauta Bussink, was put into operation in the UK and is still operated by the Mellors Group during Winter Wonderland in London. In FC Fabbri Park Calto, Italy made a metre Ferris wheel installed on 3 semi-trailers and then also manufactured a smaller metre version installed on 2 semi-trailers.

These versions retained the old style of the cabins and number of arms, which are better suited to smaller Ferris wheels. Evolution of cabins Around , Ronald Bussink began to offer the market enclosed cabins, the same used as mountain cable cars, rather than the classic cabins or gondolas on Ferris wheels. This important aesthetic improvement suc-. Fu chiamata La Grande Roue de Paris in ricordo della prima grande ruota panoramica costruita circa un secolo prima.

La prima era la vettura: La seconda caratteristica innovativa consisteva nella struttura rotante della ruota: Vi furono alcuni problemi di messa a punto, ma alla fine questa ruota, che aveva già incorporato le innovazioni di stile realizzate da Nauta Bussink, fu messa in funzione in Gran Bretagna ed è ancora oggi operata da Mellors Group durante il Winter One of the few Ferris wheels built by German manufacturer Gerstlauer is still operating today in France, at Nigloland. It has 60 gondolas and is very popular among guests of all ages. Una delle poche ruote panoramiche realizzate dalla tedesca Gerstlauer lavora ancor oggi in Francia, presso il parco Nigloland.

Ha 60 gondole ed è molto apprezzata da visitatori di ogni età. Towering at m, from to it held the record for the highest wheel in the world. Some trivia: A mistake? Con i suoi m, ha detenuto dal al il record di ruota più alta del mondo. Un paio di curiosità: Uno sbaglio? Niente affatto: The new cabins, mostly built in Switzerland, gave unique elegance to this very traditional attraction.

This metre wheel was installed in Shanghai China with enormous. Wonderland di Londra. Queste versioni mantenevano la vecchia impostazione di stile delle gondole e del numero di bracci che meglio si adattava alla ruote panoramiche di piccola dimensione. La prima ruota panoramica in versione portati-. Others followed with the same height and always in the transportable version, which were sold to the Elliot Hall Group in Great Britain, and were operated in many cities in the country. Since A few years ago Bussink sold to Vekoma famous roller coaster manufacturer some of its Ferris wheel designs in order to devote itself to its new R80XL.

Vekoma never built any Ferris wheel according to the original Bussink designs; the few placed on the market recently are models that were in stock at the time of the sale by Bussink. Bussink then designed a new big transportable Ferris wheel, with a height of almost 80m 78m to be exact. To build this, the Dutch designer commissioned Maurer Germany , a leading manufacturer of roller coasters for theme parks. It was a very challenging project, in which Bussink had to exploit all its experience to simplify the assembly and transport procedures and at the same time ensure an elegant structure.

Completing this project meant making the highest transportable Ferris wheel in the world. Bussink, however, decided to innovate once again, creating a Ferris wheel design that could be either fixed to the ground or fixed to a mobile stand. The rotating structure could accommodate 54 Swiss cabins for 8 people, or 27 Swiss cabins for This solution enabled the company to invest in one single project, although allowing customers to personalise the configuration. In true Bussink style, there was another important innovation: This solution allowed a wider front footboard to offer passengers more comfort, including an immense aluminium roof equipped with a LED lighting system.

Questa ruota da 60 metri fu installata a Shanghai Cina con un enorme successo. Seguirono altre unità sempre con la stessa altezza e sempre in versione portatile, che furono vendute al gruppo di Elliot Hall in Gran Bretagna, che le mise in funzione in molte città della Gran Bretagna. Dal in poi Qualche anno fa Bussink ha ceduto a Vekoma famoso costruttore di ottovolanti alcuni dei suoi progetti di ruote panoramiche allo scopo di potersi dedicare al suo nuovo progetto della R80XL.

Vekoma non ha mai costruito nessuna ruota panoramica secondo il progetto originario di Bussink; le poche unità messe in commercio recentemente rappresentano unità che erano in magazzino al momento della cessione di Bussink. Si trattava di un progetto molto impegnativo per il quale Bussink dovette mettere in campo tutta la sua esperienza per mantenere semplici le procedure di montaggio e trasporto e nel contempo una struttura elegante.

All details that would take too long to explain here. The first R80XL SP version mounted on a mobile stand installed for final testing in Munich in December , made its debut the following summer in Puebla, Mexico, entering the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest transportable Ferris wheel in the world.

And the other Dutch company, Mondial? Mondial was not standing still. It also aimed to increase the height of its wheels and in November inaugurated one RR80 in Paris, the Place de la Concorde, again in the semi-trailer version, with an impressive height of 78m and with 48 cabins. This is a technically very complex design that required all the experience Mondial had acquired in previous models.

Mondial already had patented many technical solutions that it implemented to simplify the assembly of these large attractions in the semi-trailer version. As can be imagined, in the case of large cities the authorities do not allow the permanent installation of these attractions in their old town centres, which is why there is increased demand for large transportable wheels. The 50m high wheel on semi-trailer made by Dutch manufacturer Mondial in the early s for Mellors Group in the United Kingdom, and still today one of the symbolic attractions at Winter Wonderland in London. La struttura rotante poteva ospitare 54 cabine professionali svizzere a otto posti oppure 27 cabine professionali svizzere da 12 posti.

Questa soluzione ha permesso di investire in un solo progetto, ma consentendo ai clienti diverse personalizzazioni. Tutte soluzioni di dettaglio che sarebbe troppo. The enclosed cabins resemble mountain cable cars, and are an important innovation introduced by the Dutch manufacturer in the early s when the Ferris wheel business started booming: Wheels that have thus often become as in the case of Brisbane true modern landmarks of their host cities. Other manufacturers are therefore taking off in Europe, using the Bussink style as their main reference: Lamberink Netherlands has built the wheels up to 33 metres high and now is working on a metre version.

Mondial non è stata a guardare. Non è per niente facile riuscire a far combaciare le esigenze di una grande ruota panoramica con i vincoli tecnici che impongono dei semirimorchi. Technical Park manufactures transportable Ferris wheels measuring up to 60m in height, with open or enclosed cabins, including special configurations VIP, Cocktail and for people with disabilities. In the company delivered a wheel to France.

It is semi-transportable on 12 trailers, 45m high, and has 36 open cabins, including one for people with disabilities. The Italian group currently has 2 operating, one in Scotland and the other in Dubai. Technical Park produce ruote trasportabili che arrivano fino a 60m di altezza, con cabine aperte o chiuse, anche speciali Vip, Cocktail e per disabili. Nel in Francia ne ha consegnata una semitrasportabile con 12 trailer, alta 45m, e dotata di 36 gondole aperte di cui una per disabili.

It has 54 gondolas with 8 seats, and its innovative features include 6 masts rather than 8. Technical Park Italy has recently built a metre Ferris wheel. Although many operators believe that it is quite simple to design a Ferris wheel, this is not true when the structures are very large. There are many details to consider, and quality procedures to be followed during construction to ensure a product that can stand the test of time. Research is ongoing, and I think Bussink and Mondial will introduce a few more surprises in coming years.

Altri costruttori stanno quindi prendendo piede in Europa prendendo lo stile Bussink come riferimento principale: Technical Park Italia ha recentemente costruito una ruota panoramica da 45 metri. Sebbene molti operatori ritengano che sia abbastanza semplice progettare delle ruote panoramiche questo non è assolutamente vero quando si vogliono realizzare strutture molto grandi.

Ci sono innumerevoli dettagli da considerare e procedure di qualità da seguire durante la costruzione per garantire un prodotto che possa durare nel tempo. La ricerca è continua e credo che Bussink e Mondial ci presenteranno altre sorprese nei prossimi anni. Tecnologie innovative applicate alle attrazioni e ai loro componenti: Innovative technologies applied to rides and their components: Indeed at times it hides some interesting surprises.

It is clear that for an inspector it is easier and less costly to compare 2 situations and declare whether something is compliant or not, although this attitude is not always positive and does not imply greater safety. There are situations that do not fall within areas regulated by standards, and there are standards whose application does not improve safety. There are many examples, but to discuss them here would take up too much space however I can be contacted on this matter, see my email at the bottom. What I want to emphasise here is the unconscious connection between standards in general and standards applied strictly to rides.

There are however not just rules and regulations: If we temporarily put aside this automatism, we can see that today there is a multitude of technologies that can be usefully applied to rides. Ci sono situazioni che non ricadono nei temi a cui si applica una norma e ci sono norme la cui applicazione non migliora la sicurezza. Gli esempi non mancano, ma sarebbe lungo discuterne sono comunque a disposizione per chi volesse farlo — la mia posta elettronica è in calce. Ma non esistono solamente norme e normative: Se mettiamo temporaneamente da parte questo automatismo, osserveremo che oggi esiste una molteplicità di tecnologie che possono proficuamente essere applicate alle attrazioni.

Il tutto senza contare la semplificazione dei componenti, sia come numero che come complessità. Pensate ad un braccio monolitico prodotto in fibra con stampo ed adeguata tecnologia e formazione degli operatori , con inserti metallici nei punti di maggior sollecitazione; il peso che verrebbe messo in moto o frenato sia dalla rotazione. To help save energy, is it not appropriate to ask whether using different technology can bring substantial energy savings on rides featuring significant braking and accelerations? All this without taking into account simplification of components, both in terms of number and complexity.

Imagine the arm of a ride made from moulded fibre with appropriate technology, and operator training , with metal inserts at the most stressed points; the weight set in motion or slowed down both in rotation and lifting could allow installation of lower power motors and actuators, obviously with lower energy consumption! Imagine the structure of a vehicle, especially if subjected to linear or centrifugal acceleration, in which lower weight corresponds to both energysaving lower centre of gravity, less weights and inertia, etc.

Clearly we have a culture based on steel or should I say iron, as only stainless steel is taken into consideration , yet at this time when many calculations and construction drawings need to be reviewed to adapt to new rules, it may be interesting to consider these technologies. Above all, this would mean entering an area innovation which today enjoys a lot of attention and above all subsidies. Ed ovviamente con consumi energetici minori!

Si pensi alla struttura di un veicolo, specie se sottoposto ad accelerazioni lineari o centrifughe, nel quale a peso limitato corrisponde sia un risparmio energetico si abbassa il baricentro, si limitano i pesi, le inerzie, ecc. The cutting of the ribbon at Smaaash last December at the Mall of America. The new entertainment centre was opened by an Indian businessman and covers over 3,sq. Il momento del taglio del nastro di Smaaash, lo scorso dicembre al Mall of America.

Il nuovo centro di intrattenimento è stato aperto da un imprenditore indiano ed occupa oltre 3. A format that has already proven successful in 5 malls in India over the last 4 years, the American Smaaash is for Morakhia his first major step outside of his home country, and the entrepreneur has already said that in he plans to open 3 more in the US, 2 of which in Las Vegas and Miami. So what is Smaaash? In fact, this space covering over 3,sq.

Las Vegas e Miami. In effetti, in questo spazio di oltre 3. Smaaash has many virtual reality attractions designed in-house. Here on the left we can see Finger Coaster, a VR experience of a ride on a roller coaster. The unique feature is that each rider can draw with their finger on a touchscreen the track they want to experience. Smaaash ha molte attrazioni di realtà virtuale di sua stessa pregettazione. La particolarità è che ciascun rider disegna con un dito su un touchscreen il tracciato che andrà a sperimentare. There are also arcade games such as driving simulators, yet they are not the focal point, with Smaaash aiming more on sports simulators, such as soccer simulators and the latest generation of hockey games.

Other strong points are an electric go-kart. More virtual reality among the entertainment on offer at Smaaash. Ancora realtà virtuale tra i divertimenti di Smaaash. Highly appreciated by visitors is Finger Coaster , in which the first thing the player does is draw with their finger on a touchscreen the roller coaster track they want to ride, after which they sit in the seat and put on the VR headset.

They are then catapulted with absolute realism aboard a roller coaster, seeing and feeling in their stomach every turn, loop, up-and-down and corkscrew that they themselves designed. Molto apprezzato dai visitatori è per esempio Finger Coaster , in cui come prima cosa il giocatore traccia con il dito su un touchscreen il percorso da ottovolante che vuole percorrere, dopo di che si sistema in una seduta e indossa il visore.

It is one of the few that woke up to the reality that entertainment will rule the malls. There are also simulators in the new centre on the fourth floor of the Mall of America. These differ quite a bit from those found in traditional arcades. Ci sono anche simulatori nel nuovo centro al quarto piano del Mall of America. Il locale di 5. Be that as it may, Washington politicians and their homes will not remain bowling-deprived. Just recently, a bowling facility was installed at the beautiful Villa Firenze pictured below , the residence of Italian ambassador in the United States Armando Varricchio.

Democrat politician Nancy Pelosi of California, invited for the occasion by the A m b a s s a d o r, was the first to roll the bowling ball with a shot that made the headlines. Because in order to do so, the lady momentarily abandoned her famous stilettos and played barefoot. Ad ogni modo, la Washington dei politici e delle loro dimore non resterà senza bowling. Sapete come mai? Perché per farlo la signora è scesa dai suoi celeberrimi tacchi a spillo e si è messa a piedi nudi.

Founded in , for nearly 80 years Murrey International has been a force in the world of bowling manufacturing and has developed a line of world class bowling products that have become competitive in all areas of modernization and new center construction around the world. In particular, Murrey International has been an industry leader of synthetic lanes and has installed thousands of their bowling lanes around the world.

When added to the line, it will give US Bowling the ability to offer customers a complete new bowling center package. The Murrey brand will however live on. Fondata nel , Murrey International è da quasi 80 anni una potenza nel mondo dei costruttori di attrezzature per bowling ed ha sviluppato una linea di prodotti competitivi in tutto il mondo tanto nel campo delle ristrutturazioni di centri quanto di costruzioni ex-novo. In particolare, Murrey è un leader nelle piste sintetiche con migliaia di installazioni in giro per il pianeta. Il brand Murrey, ad ogni modo, verrà mantenuto. Mr Fatigati will be running the company as President. The new company will have a supply ranging from complete new centers to modernization, spare parts and consumables.

Fatigati la guiderà con la carica di presidente. Il testo, scritto da uno dei maggiori esperti del gioco in Italia, José Torchio, è arricchito da disegni e schemi. Un libro immancabile nel corredo del bowler e nella gamma di prodotti di un centro bowling! Prior to this, he was with Games Warehouse for 10 years where he was Marketing Director. He has also worked in marketing and sales leadership roles for various coin-op and entertainment publications and media companies. This role represents a fantastic opportunity and I am looking forward to leveraging my experience to drive further growth here in the UK and across Europe. Coordinerà le attività commerciali del distributore di TouchTunes nel Regno Unito, Sound Leisure, e le vendite di jukebox da parte di Soundnet, sussidiaria di TouchTunes, riferendo direttamente ad Alan Newham, direttore responsabile di TouchTunes Europe.

E Hardy ha aggiunto: Sega Prize Zone presents some 50 games predominantly redemptions distributed over an area of sq. Thanks to a partnership with Intercard, through its European Electrocoin exclusivist, the center uses debit cards for payment, instead of token or cash currency. They will not necessarily be all located in the United Kingdom. Grazie a una partnership con Intercard, attraverso il suo esclusivista europeo Electrocoin, il centro utilizza, come metodo di pagamento per i giocatori non gettoni o contanti, ma carte a debito.

Secondo quanto affermato da Paul Williams, direttore di Sega, quello di Hatfield sarà il primo di una catena di Fec già pianificati, che non saranno necessariamente tutti dislocati nel Regno Unito. Adjacent to and interconnected with Lucky Strike bowling alley, the new 1,sq. There are over gaming stations offering classic games such as Skeeball, air hockey and rythm games as well as state-of-the-art arcade games. Replacing the ubiquitous arcade prize counter is an 80sq. The menu features favorite American-comfort cuisine and ready-toeat bites.

Il nuovo locale, che si sviluppa su 1. Le postazioni gioco sono e vanno da giochi classici come Skeeball, piastre ad aria e giochi musicali a quelli di ultima generazione. Digital Center Type of product: Fashion, Collage, Frame and Street Art. All the prints come with a QR code that can be scanned by any smartphone or tablet, allowing customers to access a customised cloud service and not only order reprints from the same booth, but also download and share photos and videos in Facebook and Twitter, or send them by email to their friends.

Digital Center Tipo di prodotto: LAI Games Type of product: When in game play mode, the light tunnel follows the trajectory of the ball like a comet trail, accompanied by live sports commentary, making every throw fun. Players are awarded extra points for scoring in quick succession. Up to 8 cabinets can be linked up for multiple player competition. A deluxe marquee is available upon request as an option. Bay Tek Games Type of product: Location tests from the States indicate this redemption game as a sure shot winner, also because it requires a unique skill component that appeals to a wide demographic.

The more balls they catch the more tickets they win. In case they quickly and correctly drop 50 balls into the buckets before time ruins out they win the progressive jackpot bonus. Bay Tek Games Tipo di prodotto: Come si gioca: Quante più palline finiscono nei contenitori e tanti più ticket si avranno. Have you also noticed this trend? I myself look at each game individually and assess all the aspects before deciding whether or not to import it. Obviously, a successful name is a strength, but for a machine to be good it needs to respond to many other requirements. A successful game, besides the name, needs to have good gameplay, creating physical and emotional involvement, attracting people to play and have fun and enticing them to repeat the game: If a game appeals for its name only but does not entice the player to repeat the game, it will surely be a flop.

Assuming that variety in the games offering is important, the value added by these machines can have an impact. By this I mean earnings are not the only factor, but innovation is also important, and so having these types of machines increases visibility and helps boost attendance, leading to an overall increase in earnings. Machines linked to successful licenses cost more than the average. Who can afford them? Apart from this, however, pure amusement arcades are in decline and this trend will continue until someone intervenes to meet the demands of operators. We are still negatively affected by laws, in an absurd and inexplicable way, due to the short-sightedness of those who legislate in Italy and do not understand the importance of pure amusement.

Ha osservato anche lei questo trend? Ovviamente un nome di successo fa da traino, ma un apparecchio per essere buono ha bisogno di rispondere a molti altri requisiti. Un gioco di successo, oltre al nome, deve avere una buona giocabilità, dare coinvolgimento fisico ed emotivo, attrarre il pubblico e far giocare e divertire ricercando la ripetizione della partita: Apparecchi legati a licenze di successo hanno prezzi superiore alla media.

A prescindere da questo, comunque, le sale di puro intrattenimento sono in calo e questo è un trend che non si fermerà a breve se nessuno interverrà sul settore per rispondere alle richieste degli operatori. Via Dei. Translated into 4 languages, since it has been focusing on the amusement industry, offering an opportunity for the sector to express. Full new safe ices. C Padov.: Do you work in the leisure sector? Are you, for example, a travelling showman, an amusement park operator, a supplier of attractions and park equipment, a tourist operator? Dati e numeri su parchi fissi e mobili, prodotti, attrezzature nuove e usate, fiere nazionali e internazionali: Lavori nel settore del leisure?

Sei, per esempio, uno spettacolista viaggiante, un operatore di parchi di divertimenti, un fornitore di attrazioni e attrezzature, un operatore turistico? Pago con carta di credito: Fattibilità, pianificazione, gestione, promozione, materiali, attrazioni di supporto, regolamento di gioco D. FEC in shoping centres - identity - marketing attraction mix - target - party rooms - staff training. Maria Cristina Botelho, Francal Tel: Messe Berlin, Germany. Koelnmesse Tel: Via Divizia, 17 bis Fraz. Via A. Borgo Pieve, Castelfranco V. Via Montegrappa, z. Via M. Via Don P. Via Santi Grisante E. Via Boetti, 16 - z. Via Cocchi, 19 Reggio E. Via G. Via F. Fait-on de réelles économies?

Mais est-il vrai que les produits verts coûtent plus cher? Certaines choses coûtent. Nous leur souhaitons de réussir et ce de la manière la plus verte et durable possible. Ellen Ochoa, directrice du Johnson Space Center. Page 16 Carnival Corp. Ce sera le cas prochainement sur les bateaux de Carnival Corp. En utilisant le médaillon, on peut également commander des plats et des boissons et voir où les prendre ou quand et où se les faire livrer. Les paiements sont eux aussi facilités avec Ocean Medallion puisque les passagers peuvent acheter des produits par exemple des articles en vente dans les boutiques et des services les excursions, les massages au spa etc.

Des pistes aussi longues peuventelles également convenir aux structures indoor? En voyant les réactions enthousiastes de ceux qui ont essayé Big, nous nous sommes dit: Avez-vous eu des demandes de couleur personnalisée? Había una vez Six Flags y se encontraba en dificultades, por lo que solicitó la protección judicial de los acreedores y, al mismo tiempo, actuó una gran iniciativa: Naturalmente corría apenas y la idea de crisis económica no habia ahondado tanto en las conciencias como ahora. Desde entonces Six Flags ha seguido el mismo camino de la economía verde y también nosotros hemos continuado proponiendo y destacando nuevos modos de ser ecocompatibles pero por una vez queremos plantear una pregunta distinta: Anualmente, la ciudad de turno hace todo lo que puede.

El buque insignia de la atracción es un vuelo en realidad virtual en el espacio hasta el planeta rojo mostrado con los vídeos originales de la NASA y de regreso hasta la Tierra, un viaje que se concluye con un salto de 27 m, que acaba en la línea de los 50 yard en el estadio NRG, precisamente en el. Ellen Ochoa, directora del Johnson Space Center. Por lo que, por ejemplo, el chino amante de los cruceros de nuestros días con dinero y en busca de la exclusividad encuentra barcos con cabinas, equipadas con todos los lujos posibles, diseñadas para reflejar sus gustos y su cultura.

Actualmente, la oferta recreativa se ha convertido en estructural, no tiene nada que envidiar a la tierra firme y tiene de todo para todos los gustos y las edades: Similar por sus dimensiones a un pequeño medallón, puede llevarse en el bolsillo o convertirse en una pulsera, un colgante de cadena o un llavero, y se alimenta con una tecnología patentada desarrollada por Carnival, compuesta por una red de Internet of Things IoT con sensores inteligentes aproximadamente 7. Mediante las tecnologías de comunicación contenidas en su interior — conexión NFC y Bluetooth Low Energy BLE — Ocean Medallion lo hace todo solo y consigue deleitar a los huéspedes en modos insospechables, ofreciéndoles mayores servicios y experiencias personalizadas.

También los pagos se facilitan con Ocean Medallion ya que los huéspedes pueden comprar productos tales como los productos vendidos en las tiendas y servicios las excursiones, los masajes en la spa, etc. Tras la versión Small de 11m de largo y la de con salto final, en los pasados meses, como nos ha explicado Bruno Incerti, responsable de marketing y ventas de Impronta Designers, se ha entregado también un Big Tube Rides de 3 pistas con 2 bajadas, que rozan los 40m de longitud y una plataforma de salida de 5 m de altura: Al ver las reacciones positivas de los que se han subido al Big, pensamos: Y así llegamos hasta los 70m.

También con este esfuerzo, el ocio, en comparación con otros sectores en Rusia, no ha perdido su vivacidad. Max height: Altezza max: Fully galvanized. Homologated ticket booth. Facade fitted with blown neon lights. Benches made from stainless steel Tutta zincata. Cassa con documenti. Facciata illuminata da neon soffiati. Panchine in acciaio inox. Two or three trailers Due o tre rimorchi. Now operating in my fixed park. Comes with ticket office. Good condition. No timewasters, please! Alta 60m. Attualmente funzionante nel mio parco fisso. In vendita per rotazione attrazioni. Completa di cassa comandi. Buono stato. No perditempo! Trailer detachable Su carro.

Runs forwards and backwards. At present operating 16x9m. Si muove avanti e indietro. Attualmente funzionante. Subjects are included. Over time we made several maintenance works on the ride such as the repainting of the outer panels.

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